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Insuring your loved one with special needs is taken care of is of paramount importance to a parent or guardian. If you or a loved one receives public benefits like Social Security, Medicaid or Long Term Medicaid, this area applies to you. Individuals who receive these public benefits are often disqualified for the public benefit they are receiving when they get money through inheritance, death benefits, personal injury awards or payments of retroactive public benefits. Adult children for whom parents are still paying child support can also become disqualified for the public benefits due to the receipt of the child support.

This type of planning allows recipients of SSI, Medicaid and Long Term Medicaid to receive the inheritance, death benefit, personal injury award, retroactive public benefit or child support payment while continuing on the public benefit program. The public benefit pays the necessary cost of his or her care and the additional funds augment that.

Jason S. Armstrong also handles Guardianship.

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